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Personal Services

Relocation to Malta

There is an increasing influx of European and Non-European Nationals relocating to Malta. Malta’s quality of life, modest cost of living and central position have led to an increase of foreigners taking up residence here. A low crime rate combined with ample business opportunities have been driving forces behind making Malta a life choice for many. If you are looking to relocate, Redomcile Malta can handle all your affairs, from the opening of bank accounts to the obtainment of residency status together with a work permit.


Did you know that Malta has great tax incentives for High Net Worth as well as Highly Qualified Individuals? If you meet the relative legislative requirements, we could reduce tax on your income to a flat rate of 15%. It has never been a better time to relocate to the Maltese Islands! Relocating can be daunting! Get in touch and submit your details to us in order for us to make the move easy for you. Redomcile Malta endeavours to be your trusted point of contact before you move and whilst on the island!

Recruitment and Jobs

Malta’s economy may be considered to be one of the fastest growing in the European Union. Although already able to boast of a highly skilled and educated work force, the vast array of companies located in Malta are always on the lookout for resources. Submit your CV to us before heading to Malta, and we will line up a number of interviews before you arrive, enabling you to plan your move more efficiently. We work with a number of trusted partners who operate within the online gaming, financial services and information technology sectors to name but a few. If you are considering taking up employment in Malta, let us help you achieve your goals, in order to obtain the Mediterranean and European quality of life that you deserve!

Redomicile Malta Corporate

Property (Sales & Letting)

Property values in Malta are steadily increasing due to the island’s small size and an increasing international demand. It has never been a better time to get into the market.


Looking to rent a house or apartment whilst on the Island? We are in touch with a large amount of prime property owners and can provide you with temporary accommodation should you require it. If you are looking to purchase a property either as a residence or as an investment, Redomicile Malta can take you through the whole process, making it as quick and easy as possible. From finding the right property, to all the legalities and tax issues, our property specialists at Redomicile Malta will be happy to cater for your every need.

Maltese Passport

Citizenship by Investment

The recently adopted Individual Investor Programme enables approved investors to obtain a Maltese Passport and thus gain access to establishment rights and business opportunities throughout the whole European Union. By acquiring a Maltese Passport through this programme, you and your dependants could eventually be considered to be European Citizens with freedom of movement throughout the entire EU. This is a one-time opportunity to obtain bona fide citizenship within a natural, politically stable and highly respected jurisdiction. The Maltese Government has stated that a maximum of 1,800 applicants will be accepted and therefore time is of the essence should you be interested in participating. Together with the above, a Maltese passport entitles you to visa free travel to over 160 countries, Schengen status, access to local well reputed banks and possible tax planning benefits.


In order to qualify for this program the following criteria must be satisfied :

The applicant must acquire immovable property in Malta worth at least €350,000 or lease property for at least five years at a rental value of at least €16,000 per year;
The applicant must make a contribution of €650,000 to the National Development and Social Fund;
Make an investment in stocks/bonds/Special Purpose Vehicles approved by the regulator, to be held for a period of five years.

Redomcile Malta has already assisted in the obtainment of citizenship through this program and can offer help in applying for and obtaining a Maltese Passport by Investment. We aim to make the process as efficient as possible and will liaise with the regulator on your behalf. Redomicile Malta is able to source high quality properties within which you may place your investment and will be your point of reference as far as the obtainment of the passport is concerned. We urge you to contact us for an initial consultation in order to set the wheels in motion and eventually enable you to be part of the ever growing Maltese European community.

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Legal & Financial advice

Legal Advice

Be it a litigious issue or simply the drafting of a contract, Redomicile Malta is connected to a number of top tier law firms and can provide you with a trust worthy and helpful attorney in the Malta. Contact us for a confidential consultation and we will assign you the best possible legal practitioner for your specific needs.


Financial Advice

Redomicile Malta has the necessary experience and contacts to provide you with tailor made tax solutions, advice on the repatriation of funds and general financial advice. We again urge you to get in touch with us regarding your specific needs, in order for us to assign you a trusted practitioner from our team.

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