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Corporate Services

Company setup and Company relocation

Starting or moving your business? Look no further! Malta’s strategic position and tax efficient legislation have rendered it a domicile of choice for many commercial entities. As a Member of the European Union, Malta is compliant with European legislation and is therefore considered to be an on-shore jurisdiction, making it a great hub for international business and ensuring access to both European and international markets. Moving your company to Malta does not mean that your existing company would have to be liquidated. Malta’s legislation enables relocating companies to be recognized by the local registrar, enabling seamless continuity between your local jurisdiction and Malta.


Setting up shop in Malta entitles your company to:

  • Efficient corporate taxation
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Robust regulation and a favorable reputation
  • Political stability
  • Well-established banking system within an international financial environment
  • Access to an educated work force


Redomicile Malta offers full back-end and management services to start ups as well as already existing enterprises that wish to relocate to Malta. In the latter case, Redomcile Malta ensures full business continuity. Malta’s reputation as an international onshore financial centre also makes it a great location for financial services companies. Redomicile Malta also obtains licenses and provides corporate advice to retail funds, professional investor funds, pension funds and the like.

Contact us for more info, we will be happy to provide a tailor-made service, aimed at enhancing your operations and ultimately increasing your bottom line!

Employment and Recruitment

If you are looking for quality resources, Redomicile Malta will suggest the best personnel for the job and conduct initial interviews as a filtering process. We are able to save you time and money whilst recruiting and also establish your work force before you are in Malta!


Let us optimise your business model. If you are an online company wishing to base your back office in Malta or seeking the best way to expand, we can provide both business and legal consultancy aimed at helping you achieve your goals. Our areas of expertise in this regard include:

  • Consultancy and Search Engine Optimization based services
  • Legal and commercial advice
  • Web design and software development


Redomicile Malta looks forward to being your local partner in international business!

Remote Gaming

Malta has seen increasing growth in its Remote Gaming Industry since the coming into force of its Remote Gaming regulations in 2004. In fact, there are over 285 Remote Gaming Operators currently present on the island. These include some major industry players such as Betson, Mr. Green and Bet-365. However, the costs related to starting or moving one’s remote gaming operations to Malta are also favorable towards start-ups, meaning that one can easily obtain a market presence upon obtaining a Maltese Remote Gaming Licence, which is a highly recognized one, approved by the European Union.


Choosing Malta as the jurisdiction within which to base your remote gaming operations entitles your company to:

  • Cost efficient licensing fees (one of the cheapest in EU)
  • Efficient corporate taxation
  • A thriving local industry with specialized professionals and consultants
  • Highly recognized license, access to foreign markets
  • English speaking regulator
  • Business friendly regulations within a mature business environment


Redomicile Malta can assist you in obtaining a Maltese Licence and provide on-going consultancy and compliance based services in order to ensure the continuity of your business once set up in Malta. We are also able to provide office space and professional resources, including directors, in order to oversee your company’s back-end operations in order for you to be able to focus fully on your company’s growth, without getting buried in bureaucracy!

Redomicile Malta Corporate Services

Accounting & Audit

Redomcile Malta works closely with independent auditing and accountancy firms. We are thus able to provide you with yearly audits, quarterly accounts, feasibility studies, business plan consultancy as well as general financial advice.

Maltese Bank Accounts

Maltese Banks are highly reputable due to Malta’s firm but fair anti money laundering legislation. In fact, a large number of private and commercial banks have recently established themselves on the island. We are able to communicate with banks on your behalf and open bank accounts through trusted partners, subject to your requirements. Malta’s major banks include HSBC and Bank of Valletta. Recently established banks include Banif as well as Mediterranean Corporate Bank. Credit Europe, Sparkasse and Fim Bank are also present locally.

In order to provide this service, we would require full understanding of your commercial or private needs. Kindly contact us for further information and a consultation.

Tax Planning

Malta’s location and presence within the European Single Market have rendered it a strategic domicile of choice for international business operators. This is substantiated by Malta’s highly favorable tax regime. The standard corporate tax rate in Malta is 35%, however, depending on the nature of your business, we are able to offer effective corporate tax rates of both 5% and 0%. This is achieved through various tax refunds that have been legislatively implemented in favor of companies and Maltese participating holding companies, in order to attract direct foreign investment to Malta. Malta’s full imputation tax system ensures that dividends which are the result of a post corporate tax pay out are not taxed twice.


Malta’s tax regime coupled with its diverse participation in Double Tax Agreements make it the EU onshore Member of choice as far as taxation is concerned. Redomicile Malta is aware of these tax benefits, is in touch with a number of financial practitioners and is thus able to provide you with tax advice aimed at optimizing your corporate tax rate.


Redomicile Malta provides specialised ongoing compliance services. Whether your business belongs to a specifically regulated sector such as remote gaming or investment services, or such company is subject to generally ongoing reporting obligations to the Malta Financial Services Authority, Redomicile Malta is equipped with the right specialists and compliance officers in order to minimise your risk and keep your commercial position regular at all times. We are able to provide an outsourced compliance specialist to your company, who will liase with your management regularly and draw up any necessary compliance documentation.

Commercial Office Space

Whether you intend to move your operations to Malta or outsource such operations from your country of location, Redomicile Malta is able to provide you with a Maltese registered office as well as commercial space.

Redomicile Malta Corporate Services Office Space

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